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I am Peter. I originate from Cameroon, worked in the medical field for close to 20 years before moving to Canada for a fellowship. My intention was to acquire new knowledge and also to distance myself from an uncomfortable social environment regardless of final destination. I initially left my family behind. I regarded Canada with awe considering my chances of settling in a foreign land for the first time, while contemplating other alternatives.

My commitment to my fellowship program was intertwined with a desperate search for a longer-term stay. A relative to my wife who had just obtained refugee status directed me to a lawyer with Legal Aid Canada. I prepared a write-up of close to 50 pages with pictures and evidence for a refugee status. At Legal Aid an interne reviewed my documents and I was advised to see an immigration lawyer instead cautioning me that some judges had zero tolerance and if my application for refugee was rejected, I would have to leave the country in 30 days.

I went for the first on the list of lawyers provided. From the lawyer I realized the importance of my fellowship work permit which would make me eligible for the Canadian Experience Class. I also learned my family could join me and be included in my subsequent application for PR. The main challenge was getting admission letters for my kids, which was obtained with assistance from the TDSB.

The Lawyer assisted with getting the rest of the family to Canada and obtaining PR. We prepared the citizenship documents ourselves with some advice from CICS centers.

All what I had needed was correct information to navigate the immigration path.