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Our Services

Our support and assistance to immigrants of African descents who have their eyes on coming to Canada begin from the African soil where we offer adequate information about the entire process and provide a window for prospective immigrants to view the Canadian environment from a distance.

Pre-Arrival Services

support and assistance to immigrants of African descents who have their eyes on coming to Canada begin from the African soil where we offer adequate information about employment preparation, occupation specific mentoring and Canadian workplace culture support. This includes getting their Credential equivalency evaluation, Connecting with their respective professional regulatory bodies for recognition/licensing, Canadian weather, how to access important socio-economic and health services etc. upon arrival.

Integration & Settlement Services

Promotion of social and economic inclusion of the newcomers to enable them to become stable/effective contributing members of our Canadian society by providing employment counselling, leads/connections and coordinating language classes etc.

Employment Counseling

We help new immigrant job seekers by discussing with clients their employment history, educational background, and career goals, identify barriers to employment and assist them with job readiness skills, job search strategies, writing résumés and preparing for job interviews.

Cross Cultural Orientation

We provide cross-cultural orientation to assist immigrants’ readiness to interact and sustainably work with others from diverse cultures successfully, enabling them in transitioning to Canadian way of life and work.


Our members provide guidance and training to new immigrant professionals and youth to assist them with acquiring needed skills and experience in their various fields of pursuit.


Empowering young Africans to make an impact in their community through volunteering and meaningful services. Supporting and encouraging the youth to build a culture of service, and an inclusive and healthy environment in Canada.

Senior Citizen

Helping and giving the seniors the opportunity to age well at home and live better while still feeling active and useful in the community.


We promote empowerment of African women, youth and children through sustainable economic independence gained through vocational pursuit so that they can live in peace with dignity and have access to necessary resources for their physical and mental well-being. Through seminars and workshops by specialists in the field, we provide required scientific based information to eradicate Gender-based violence.

African Culture And Heritage Awareness

A3CF believes in a strong African arts and cultural identity, common heritage, shared values, and ethics. We work hard to promote and encourage Africa’s rich heritage and culture that inclusive of the creative arts. We integrate African arts, culture, and heritage in our programming to ensure the vibrancy and sustainability of our shared heritage through exhibitions, festivals and theatre performances.

Social Engagements

We engage and collaborate with like minded organizations in discourse of issues of significant importance through seminars, education, and volunteer service.

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Help us to support and empower prospective and new African immigrants into Canada with information and resources that can enable them to make better settlement and development decisions before and after they land in Canada

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