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Why Volunteer with A3CF?

By volunteering with A3CF you can help others, while enjoying the feeling of giving. You can make new friends and contacts. You can understand more about how your new community operates. You can learn skills that are applicable in Canada or brush up on old skills What are the benefits of volunteering? The benefits are as boundless as the opportunities. You can get physically stronger, make new friends and connections. And you can thrive emotionally, too. Giving back can reduce stress and increase joy. volunteering can have great benefits for a person’s mental health. Here are a few examples:
  • For students, they can give back to the community while earning community service credits through volunteer certification from A3CF.
  • New immigrants can make connections and obtain work related experience and orientation
  • Volunteering with people can ward off loneliness, depression and anger. The volunteer both focuses on others and strengthens their social network, according to the Harvard Health web site.
  • Volunteering on a scheduled basis gives structure when life is without motivation. According to this volunteer, it gave her a clear reason to “get up off the couch”.
  • Volunteering outside has its own set of benefits, according to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Time spent in nature can reduce stress and anxiety and improves the mood, studies show.
  • Volunteering in any area gives people a sense of self-worth and achievement, indicate major studies like this one from the U.K.
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    About A3CF: The aim of AFRICAN CANADIAN CULTURAL COUNCIL FOUNDATION (ACCCF) is to establish an international NGO initiated by Volunteer members of the African Diaspora living in Canada. The organization’s aim is to facilitate, coordinate and provide integration support services, promote and empower Africans in Canada to be active responsible civic citizens, while internationally support, promote, and empower women and children who have been affected or are likely to be affected by conflict, violence, and poverty.