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Africa Day is a day on which many African countries celebrate the achievement of their freedom from colonial powers. It is celebrated every year on May 25th commemorating the day Organization of African Unity (OAU) was founded in 1963.

African Celebration Day is celebrated by many African communities around the world. Common events during this day include street marches, formal gatherings with panel discussions, speeches by social and political leaders, and rallies featuring cultural entertainment, poetry, and speakers. African Liberation Day has helped to raise political and historical awareness in African communities across the globe. It serves as a source of information about the struggles for liberation and development. In addition to Africa Day, each African country celebrates its own independence day on different months of the year. Stay tuned to learn more about Africa’s rich culture and heritage.

Africa Day

Come learn about the African culture… From architecture to historical place, mountains to rivers, animals to foods, nothing more than a fresh discovery.

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